At Santa’s Workshop, kids join the elves, who are busily creating toys for every boy and girl. The workshop is filled with games, activities, and toys galore to ignite the imagination of children of all ages. Laughter fills the air, toys move overhead on conveyor belts, and toy-testing stations invite children to join the elves at work. At Santa’s cutting edge Exploration & Learning Facility (E.L.F.), guests will explore and create new toys of their own. Within Santa’s Workshop is the Toy Hall of Fame, a museum quality collection featuring favorite toys from two centuries of Christmases. A special highlight of the workshop is a visit to Santa’s private office, where children can sneak a peek at the famous Naughty or Nice list. Santa’s navigational system, a glowing 3’ diameter interactive globe, charts the course for his Christmas Eve journey.

EF-1 Flight Training
Few people know that the universal air traffic control call sign for Santa’s sleigh is Elf Force One, otherwise known as EF-1. In our topsecret sleigh hangar, guests will quickly discover that flying Santa’s sleigh is no easy task. The second story of Santa’s Workshop houses the flight training lab where would-be pilots can learn to fly Santa’s sleigh. A flight training simulator allows guests to develop their flying
skills—dipping around chimneys and zooming around the globe, avoiding airplanes, veering through the Swiss Alps, and trying to keep the reindeer on course, while attempting rooftop landings. From a grass shack in Fiji to Buckingham Palace, no two landings are the same!

The Christmas Carousel
The Christmas Carousel, near the entrance to Santa’s Workshop, is filled with miniature sleighs, reindeer, and teddy bears that guests can ride on to the festive tunes of familiar Christmas music. Jingle Bell Express Railroad The Jingle Bell Express winds its way throughout Christmas Dreams. The train’s whistle echoes through the trees and down Santa Claus Lane as the train carries guests from their chalets to their day’s adventures. The clickety-clack of the rails and the unmistakable hiss of steam as the train rolls into the station invite guests to step aboard and tour Christmas Dreams by train.