Ice Fountain
The iconic landmark of Christmas Dreams, the Ice Fountain, is a multi-faceted, glistening sculpture of frozen water captured in mid arc and flow. Multiple tiers overflow with frosted cascades of ice, and the North Pole rises from the center of the fountain, a glowing column of light and ice marking the top of the world. Each evening the ice comes to life in a dazzling dance of color and movement while the sky fills with the shimmering waves of the Aurora Borealis. The show’s finale of fireworks and falling snow captures the wonder of Christmas at the North Pole.

Santa’s House
Located in the heart of Santa’s Village, Santa’s House looks out at the Chapel of Christmas Dreams. Children will spend an intimate time with Santa and Mrs. Claus, sharing their favorite Christmas stories and dreams, getting answers to their Christmas questions, and enjoying cookies and milk with Santa himself. Kids will be delighted to find their favorite Christmas stories and movies tucked away on Santa’s bookshelves. As Santa shares his favorite Christmas story of the birth of Jesus, the Nativity scene next to the Chapel comes to life before their eyes.

Santa’s Sleigh
Parked between Santa’s House and the Reindeer Barn is Santa’s Sleigh. Bright red, the sleigh draws the attention of every child at Christmas Dreams. Nestled on the ground at the foot of the sleigh is a pair of Santa’s boots, and Santa’s coat and hat rest nearby. Fascinated, children slip on Santa’s boots, coat and hat, climb into Santa’s sleigh, grab the reins, and imagine flying through the night sky with Santa himself.

The Chapel of Christmas Dreams
Located just across the street from Santa’s House is the Chapel of Christmas Dreams, with a life-size depiction of the Nativity scene nearby. The chapel offers children and their families a quiet sanctuary during their stay. Soft lights spill through the stained glass windows; Bibles and journals provide food for thought, meditation, dreams, and prayers. Christmas music swirls through the air and out the door, inviting passersby to stop in to find encouragement, hope, and strength.

Flying Reindeer Barn
The Flying Reindeer Barn next door to Santa’s House allows guests to visit Santa’s reindeer as they rest and prepare for their upcoming Christmas Eve flight. Kids can explore this one-of-a-kind, multi-story barn, meet and care for their favorite reindeer, and polish the reins and harnesses for Santa’s ride. Children watch with wide-eyed wonder as newborn reindeer play, frolic, and learn to fly.

Ice Skating Pond
Skaters and sleds holding children in wheelchairs glide around the Ice Skating Pond in Santa’s Village. Nearby benches provide a place to sit and watch the skaters, or to gaze at Santa’s Christmas tree, a glittering outdoor tree located in the center of the pond.

The Music Box Pavilion
Bands play, carolers sing and actors delight audiences at the Music Box Pavilion, Christmas Dreams’ performing arts venue.