Giant candy canes and Christmas cookies decorate the outside of Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen. As kids come through the entry way, the smell of fresh baked goodies fills the air. Inside, children will have a chance to meet Mrs. Claus and spend time making Christmas goodies with her. Donning chef’s hats and aprons, the baking fun begins! Kids will be able to taste-test their creations and take treats back to their chalets to share with their families.

Slushy the Snowman
Slushy the Snowman stands guard outside the Christmas Tree House near Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen. The scent of peppermint fills the air as a magical hat placed on his head brings Slushy to life. Slushy greets children by name, sings Christmas carols, talks with them about their Christmas Dreams experiences, and tells exciting tales of his winter travels.

Santa Claus Lane
Santa Claus Lane, the main thoroughfare running through Christmas Dreams, is paved with love and generosity. Composed of personal messages and greetings, each engraved brick paver represents a person or organization that shares in this dream.
Santa Claus Lane is a street of dreams that comes to life with activities, programs, and special events. Each night, the Christmas decorations come to life with twinkling lights as music heralds the start of the Christmas parade.

Christmas Belles Spa
Everyone likes to be pampered! Christmas Belles Spa offers guests a perfect place to relax and give themselves a treat. Guests can enjoy special massage chairs, an elfin makeover, a holiday manicure, or a selection of other spa indulgences.