Chiseled beneath Snow Mountain’s slope, Crystal Cave invites children and their families to play in the snow. Guests will bundle up as temperatures drop and real snow begins to fall. Kids will enjoy making snowmen, snow angels and snow castles in the powdery drifts. Illuminated ice-trees, surrounded by giant glowing snowflakes, reach to the top of the cave, creating a sparkling canopy and a feeling of enchantment.

Ice Slides
Tons of ice are meticulously carved and shaped to create intricate frozen slides that twist and turn their way through Crystal Cave. These thrilling runs are bejeweled with colored lights in changing patterns, adding dazzle and energy to this exciting experience.

Crystal’s Gourmet Hot Chocolate
When the cold gets to be too much, a giant ice sculpture of cookies and a steaming mug of cocoa invites guests to warm themselves at Crystal’s. This unique ice bar features a broad variety of hot chocolate recipes from around the globe as well as house specialty blends. Choose from the pairings menu and let Crystal’s match the perfect cocoa to your cookie selection.

Snowball Blast
Test your skill at making and launching snowballs! Fashioned after a carnival-style shooting gallery, Snowball Blast will use catapults, giant slingshots and air cannons to send snowballs hurling at a variety of stationary and moving targets.